5 best Linux Distributions for Beginners in 2019

linux for newbie

Are you just starting out in Linux Operating system and confuse which Linux distribution you should start with? Well, I understand. This is most asked question in Linux community from new users. Every Linux distribution has its plus and minus and getting lost with so many options is easy. This article would discuss the top 5 Linux distributions you can try out in 2019 if you are just starting out in Linux.

1. Linux Mint

It is my personal favorite Linux distribution and I always recommend any newbie in Linux world. It started back in 2006. It was based on Ubuntu but now it has established as Ubuntu’s best alternative. If you are migrating from Windows, Linux Mint is best to start with, as it has similar interface known as Cinnamon which you can choose at the time of installation. It has some built-in software which other distributions don’t have.

2. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution and second recommended option for new users. It also has some built-in software similar to what Windows provide like Office suite, web browsers and Media apps. The interface is called Unity which is similar to macOS interface. The best part about Ubuntu is that you can try it without actually installing it on your storage. You can run it directly from DVD or USB flash drive. It has more features to try and learn Linux operating system.

3. Elementary OS

It is one of simplest Ubuntu based user-friendly Linux distribution out there. The interface of Elementary OS is inspired by MacOS and give lots of design customization options according to user preferences. It has many custom apps for managing pictures, music, video and other files.

4. Debian

Debian is one of oldest Linux distributions that kept basis for many other distributions like Ubuntu. Many users prefer Debian because it is more powerful but it is more intermediate to advance level of users. Developers love to create apps for Debian as it is committed to adopt the free and open source way. Currently it has over 50,000 apps in its repositories. Once you are familiar with Linux Mint or Ubuntu, you can try Debian.

5. Fedora

Fedora is created by Red Hat, one of the biggest name in Linux community. You can estimate its popularity from the fact that Linus Torvalds, developer by Linux kernel uses Fedora. Each year new features are being added in Fedora and later on rolled down to other distributions. For Fedora users, other Linux distributions are bit more like older version of their OS. I don’t recommend Fedora for beginners at all unless you love to fix everything on your own and you have time to investigate code on regular basis. There is always something new coming up in Fedora which makes it hard for newbies.

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  1. Mr. Evans Weissnat IV

    When I started few months ago, I took advice from my college seniors and all of them told me to start with Linux Mint. I liked Mint the moment I installed on my system. Linux is surely complicated for beginners, especially like me who are coming from Windows background.

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