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5 Linux commands you didn’t know exist


In Linux there are some known commands we use in our daily Linux life and then there are commands which we rarely have to use but they are still relevant and interesting.

Command: Toilet

Yes, you read it write. It is a real Linux command that prints text in a fancy decorative way using large characters made of smaller characters. To use this command, install toilet first. It is available from the Ubuntu based repository. Fonts are saved in usr/share/figlet directory as .flf files so make sure you already have figlet in order to use these.

  1. Sudo apt-get update
  2. Sudo apt-get install toilet

To view a list of filters, enter toilet – filter option followed by the filter’s name for example:

  1. Toilet - -filter metal ‘Linux is cool’

You can combine filters using a colon-delimited list of filter names. For example to add a colored border around colored text use

  1. Toilet - -filter border:metal

You can change colors, width etc using toilet

Command: sl

You might be using command LS which is list command. It is used to view the content of a folder but have you ever tried SL? Try typing sl or SL and see what happens?

  1. apt-get install sl
  2. yum –y install sl

Command: fortune

This is the funniest and my favorite. Just type following in the terminal and you will see the random, inspirational or sometime insulting yet funny phrase from a database of quotations. The fortune command is part of the fortune-mod package.

Command: cmatrix

If you have seen the movie, and you like how the black screen used to have random rain sequence of green characters, try using this command. To stop the animation, press ctrl+c

Command: cowsay

Whatever you want, cow will say it. It is an ASCII cow in terminal. Install cowsay and have fun with the command. You can choose to mix two commands like fortune with cowsay using pipline character.

  1. Fortune | cowsay

| is a pipline instruction that will give output of one command as input of another command.

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