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7 new features in Linux Mint 19

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Linux Mint 19 also known as Tara has been released. It has come up with a support release which will be valid till 2023. It has introduced many new features, updates and patches. In this article we are going to discuss 10 new features in Linux Mint’s latest release.

1. TimeShift

It is not exactly a new feature but with 19, it has become at the center of Linux Minut’s update strategy. With the help of timeshift, you can restore your computer to last functional system snapshot. If you make some mistake, you can simply go back in time and start from the earlier point as no mistake ever existed ever.

2. Fresh Look and Feel

Linux Mint 19 has a new look that is more refind and user friendly. The design is more flat and sleek now which makes it very pleasant especially for new users if they are coming from Windows background.

3. Update Manager

Update manager relies more on Timeshift configuration for updates. It no long promotes selective updates and works automatically. In the past, automatic updates were more of advanced thing but thanks to Timeshift, automatic updates can be enabled from settings in preferences section.

4. New design for Welcome screen

Linux Mint 19 has introduced a new welcome screen at main page. The new layout is easy for newbie and guides them with every step while adding more information.

5. Software Manager

With Linux Mint 18, it gained Flatpak support and now the latest version support internal cached developed for APT and Flatpak which provides an abstraction layer to handle both of these without worrying about their differences. The result is fast and improved performance of software manager. You can even keep track of software and apps running in the background.

6. Cinnamon 3.8

Latest Linux Mint is equipped with recent version of cinnamon 3.8 which is faster at rendering new windows that means more efficient and responsive operating system. Due to improved performance and efficiency, Nemo no longer lags. You can also define the maximum sound level for apps now. The files search is simplified and easier to use now. It is asynchronous and works much faster than before.

7. HiDPI support

With latest release of Linux Mint 19, the HiDPI supports even get better. All the Linux Mint tools use GTK3, the default icon theme and @2x icons which looks crisp in HiDPI.

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    Excited to see what the latest version hold for us!

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