OpenDesktop – the best place for all your Linux Desktop customization needs


One of the reason behind Linux growing popularity is its centralized software distribution system which allow superior stability, collaboration between the apps and the operating system and enhanced security updates. The latest trend in open source world is unified packaging which free developers to go through ‘distribution-specific’ packaging. These new packaging methods also provide same experience through all distributions. is one of the largest communities where developers share applications, Distros, Wallpapers and Addons etc. It is an un-official app store of its kind. It has thousands of such apps, games, themes and addons for free to download and use. The applications here are packed into distribution independent formats such as the AppImage and the FlatPak. The site isn’t just stand alone software. In fact, it is part of much larger community of websites that share such content. If you upload some app here, it gets to share on all other websites in the network like,, and many other Linux related sites.

The store let you to download, install and manage the app all through one application. So if you need an application, simply go to website, search for app and download the software right from the store. The only drawback with the store is that AppImages and Flatpaks are not so popular yet. Most of the people would prefer Apt or the Pacman over AppImages but if you looking for Desktop customization, the store is best option.

Don’t take me wrong. I don’t have anything against Apt and RPM but you can’t browse themes and icon packs on these. The store is run through a voting system that makes high quality content moves to top. There are tons of exciting themes and icons available here. After you are done with themes and icons, you can browse through huge library of fonts, desktop extensions, launchers and docs. If you are developer yourself, this is the best community to share your piece and get the feedback immediately from the other developers.

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